East Lake Sammamish Trail Plans-100%?

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Have you heard? The next segment of trail paving will be between Inglewood Hill Road and 187th NE (Dobbs Mill/Redmond). Many neighbors have been surprised to find out that their driveways and landscaping are going to be removed and reconfigured. Although the “100%” plans are ready for bid, and construction is scheduled for next spring, you can still review the plans and talk with the County about your concerns. I was very pleased that they listened to my concerns and corrected some bad design work at my house. Call Gina Auld, the project manager, if you have concerns; 206-263-7281. Gina.Auld@kingcounty.gov
Here is a link to the 100% plans on my drop box. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/78452287/ELST-100%25%20Plans.pdf
Copy and paste the text into your web browser and you should be able to access the plans.
Also the SHO group is meeting to review the plans and has opened a dialog with County Council members to make sure that shoreline residents concerns are addressed. If you are interested in attending a meeting let me know.
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2 Responses to “East Lake Sammamish Trail Plans-100%?”

  1. Tom Harsh says:

    Hi Dwight,

    Thanks again for your help on the master bath which is now completed (only took me a year!) I see in todays Seattle PI a notice of the approval decision on the Trail from Sammamish City with an appeal period from today the 5th for 30 days.
    While you have posted the “100%” plans as shown on the plan sheets, do you have an idea when the “real” 100% plans will be available from King County?

    Thanks Dwight!,

  2. Dwight says:

    Hi Tom,
    The final bid documents are now out, that should show any changes the County made at your property.
    There was an appeal to the approval decision. I believe the first hearing is November 5th at City Hall.
    Here is a link to the Plans on Drop Box: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/78452287/Sam%20Trail%20North%20Construction%20Bid%20Plans.pdf
    All my Best,

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